Electrodata Product Catalog

Audio, DS0, T1, T3,  handheld test equipment designed to make telecommunications problem solving simple.

ATS-5X Audio Transmission Tester (NCS/Electrodata joint project)

Handheld test instrument for troubleshooting audio frequency impairments.

COMM-WATCH II Remote T1 Monitor and Alarm

A comprehensive remote monitor and alarm instrument for telecommunications.  COMM-WATCH II acts as a sentinel for faults and errors on T1, E1 or J1 circuits.

EZ-TESTER QJ Dual T1 Tester

Dual or single line T1 testing, with optional line parametric testing in a hand-held test set.

EZ-TESTER HD DS3 and Dual DS1 Tester

DS3 circuit tester with optional single or dual line T1 capabilities, with optional line parametric testing.

T1-LITE Basic T1 Tester

Full T1 testing for under $2000.

E1-LITE E1 (2048 Kbit/s) Tester

Full E1 testing for under $2500. (E1-WATCHER Replaced by E1-LITE )

COMM-WATCH Remote T1 Monitor and Alarm

Detects faults and errors on T1 lines, differentiates between site or network sources, alerts user locally or remotely with programmable phone numbers and messages.

TAU 1 T1 Test Access Unit

Multiple connection adapter provides test access to T1 circuits.

ATS 2 Audio Test Set

Full-featured audio test set designed to comply with IEEE and Bell specifications.

ATS 2E Audio Test Set

Full-featured audio test set designed to comply with ITU recommendations.


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